Diamond Circle

60-80 min
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Highland Ultimate: Askja, Myvatn, Herdubreid and Vatnajokull Glacier

3 hrs
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Arctic Circle Express

3-3,5 hours
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Greenland Icebergs and Arctic wonders

5 hours
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Golden Circle

60 - 75 min
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Centre of the Earth - Snaefellsjokull glacier

1,5 hrs
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Reykjavik Mountains, Glaciers and Lava

45-60 mins
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South Iceland Ultimate: Geysir, Gullfoss, Eyjafjallajokull and Skogafoss...

3-3,5 hours
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Special missions - Tailor made tours

We offer custom made tours for you and your group. Half-a day or a whole day ? A few days exclusive on our planes or helicopters?  The sky is the limit.  Our team is experienced in bringing you to Greenland and back in one afternoon.  Our Iceberg Hunting flight to either Kulusuk or Ittoqqortoormiit is only 1,5-2,0 hours away.  The possibilities are quite endless to make your Arctic journey a life event. 

You can also send us your ideas...

We make memories....

Our brand new Airvans are rugged, reliable and safe,  providing superior comfort and visibility for  passengers.   Some think they look like milk cartons with wings, but we love their reliability and excellent flying qualities... As superior performers, we love them.

Every plane has seven leather passenger seats, large windows and a quiet headset (if wanted).   

The seats can be easily removed for increased room and cargo capacity, eg biking parties, parachuters, freight etc.

In addition, we have a helicopter and fast turboprops for easy commuting in Iceland and for Greenland exploring. 

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