Akureyri Villages and Whales

Akureyri departures

 We set out to explore the numerous scenic villages in the fjord and the centre for shark hunting, Hrisey island, in the middle of this 100 km
long fjord. On the eastern shore, the turfed farmhouse of Laufás is to be observed. 

We explore this famous medieval churchsite and chieftain´s home, constructed chiefly out of drift wood and local turf. It currently serves as a

Whales are frequently observed at almost any time on the flight, which canvasses the eastern and western shoreline of the fjord. En-route we see
the Hraundrangar phenomena up close. The conical peak in the Drangafjall ridge rises to 1,075 metres (3,527 ft) above sea level, 80 metres (260 ft) above the ridge.  

The mountain rises to an unusually sharp point, less than half a square metre at the peak. It is a lava spire that remains with the rest of the
ridge after much of the original mountain, Háafjall, fell in a large rockslide many centuries ago. The first successful ascent of Hraundrangi was on 5 August

From Hraundrangi we overfly the world´s northernmost 18 hole golf course, famous for its Arctic Open golf tournament, and the historic town of Akureyri, before landing back at the scenic airfield.  

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