Akureyri Villages and Whales

Akureyri departures

Mountains and Whale watching in the same sightseeing flight is a unique experience.

We set out to explore the numerous scenic villages in Eyjafjordur and the centre for shark hunting and a bird sanctuary, Hrisey island which lies in the middle of this 100 km long fjord. Hrisey island is known as Eyjafordur´s pearl of nature.

On the eastern shore, the turfed farmhouse of Laufás is to be observed. We explore this famous medieval church site and chieftain´s home, constructed chiefly out of driftwood and local turf. It currently serves as a museum. 

Whales are frequently observed at almost any time on the flight, which canvasses the eastern and western shoreline of the fjord. 

En-route we see the Hraundrangar phenomena up close. The conical peak in the Drangafjall ridge rises to 1,075 metres (3,527 ft) above sea level, 80 metres (260 ft) above the ridge.  

This mountain rises to an unusually sharp point, less than half a square metre at the peak. It is a lava spire that remains with the rest of the
ridge after much of the original mountain, Háafjall, which fell in a massive rockslide many centuries ago. It was long believed that the peak held a treasure chest filled with gold, but found to be only a legend when it was successfully ascended in August 1956.

The last but not least part of this beautiful sightseeing flight is where we fly from Hraundrangi and over the world´s northernmost 18 hole golf course which is famous for its Arctic Open golf tournament. Following the golf course towards Akureyri airport is a clear undisrupted view of the historic town of Akureyri.

There are a lot of things to do in Akureyri, but why not set your curiosity free and explore what is around you in this magical place Northern Iceland is.

This tour is perfect for landscape photography.

When you are back to Akureyri Airport we´ll gladly help you out regarding some Things to do in Akureyri. Or at least point you in the right direction.

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