Akureyri Mountains and Glacier Landing

Akureyri departures

Be the first in your family to land on a glacier on this unreal Glacier tour

We start our journey in Circle Air´s base at Akureyri airport, next to the Icelandic Aviation Museum. After a short briefing in our lounge, we start our Glacier tour by flying over the beautiful town of Akureyri and head towards the mountains.  

Large valleys and dramatic mountain tops would best describe the area around this picturesque town. We land on one of the peaks to explore the small glacier that lies hidden between two valleys, Oxnadalur and Glerardalur. We take our time to explore and enjoy the crisp air. 

Once airborne again, we fly the mountain range and peaks that surround Akureyri and its ski area, with unparalleled views wide and far
into the highlands and out to the Arctic circle. 

Glacier landings are only made when deemed safe by our pilots and are determined by factors such as weather and glacier surface conditions. For your safety, Circle Air reserves the right to alter routes, flight plans, and itineraries if needed. 

This Glacier tour is one of the most unique helicopter tours in Iceland and one of the things you must do in Iceland while you are visiting Northern Iceland.

When you are back to Akureyri Airport we´ll gladly help you out regarding some Things to do in Akureyri. Or at least point you in the right direction.

*If you are traveling on your own, please contact us through email to let us know the dates you are available to join a helicopter tour and we will do our best to pair you with others interested in the same tour.  

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