The Volcano tour - Perfect option for groups

Reykjavík departures

A true adventure in Iceland 

Wait, what?  

Yes, this tour is called The Volcano tour for a reason. 

Did you know that on the outskirts of Reykjavik, numerous active volcanoes lie hidden in the vast lava field and colorful moss? As we depart from
Reykjavik Domestic Airport, we get closer to the powerful Reykjanes Peninsula. We fly towards the beautiful Lake Kleifarvatn which is the largest lake of the Peninsula and one of the deepest in the whole Iceland reaching the depth of 97 meters.

A row of active volcanoes run along Kleifarvatns´s length as well as Búrfellsgjá, a lava tunnel that was formed over 8.000 years ago in a single eruption. Great place for photographers because of the volcanic surroundings. 

Last but not least is the beautiful colorful geothermal area, Seltún located a mere few hundred meters from Kleifavatn. The unique experience you get is when you see all the different colors such as blue, grey, red, yellow, silver, white all in this one area making Seltún look like a painting while exploring it from above.

Get your loved ones together in this picture as you celebrate the power in one of Iceland´s most powerful places. 

This volcano tour is your extreme Iceland experience, that being said if there is anything on your Things to do in Iceland list, then it ought to be this fantastic helicopter tour in Iceland.

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