Secret Lake and Troll Mountains

Akureyri departures

 We take off from the picturesque town of Akureyri and head out to the fjord of Eyjafjordur, Iceland´s longest fjord. 

Our route takes us over Akureyri with a view of the fjord and head into the valleys and mountains surrounding Akureyri. The valley of Öxnadalur is the
seat of Hraun, the old family seat of one of Iceland´s most renowned poets, Jónas Hallgrímsson. The valley of Vatnsdalur above the house has the beautiful Hraunsvatn at its middle. The lake s rich with natural trout and surrounded with majestic mountains, with the Hraundrangi pivot-like peak the most majestic of those, long believed to hold a treasure chest filled with gold at its zenith, but found to be a false claim when it was ascended by two Icelanders and an American in 1956.  

We land at the bottom of the valley for that perfect picture moment and a sip of sparkling wine before taking off again for a flight back to Akureyri you will get a nice view over the ski area and the beautiful town of Akureyri.  

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