Reykjavik Ultimate Air Tour

Reykjavík departures

Explore the magical mountains, glaciers, lava fields, waterfalls and historic sites around Reykjavik.  The flight leaves Reykjavik Domestic Airport towards the city mountain, Esja.  Beyond Esja we descend towards the site of Iceland´s old parliament, Thingvellir, where viking chieftains convened from the year 930 until the middle ages to set law, arbitrate disputes and govern the country in a democratic manner. Thingvellir is also the site of the Great Rift, where the tectonic plate movements can be seen tearing the country apart, east to west.  This is best observed with a bird´s eye view.  From Thingvellir, we fly north towards Botnsulur mountains, a very popular hiking destination.  From there we descend into the Hvalfjordur fjord, with the magnificent waterfall Glymur at its bottom.   From Glymur we fly over Kaldidalur ( the Cold Valley) and towards Langjokull glacier and over Husafell.  En-route  a number of volcanic craters and geological phenomena can be observed. Homeward bound for Reykjavik, sit back and relax, and enjoy the views of Snæfellsnes glacier on your right and Langjokull glacier on your left, with craters, lavafields and riverbeds underneath.     

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