Golden Circle Air Tour

Reykjavík departures

The Golden Circle Air Tour is the quickest and most comfortable way to see Iceland‘s most famous highlights. A classic sightseeing tour and a must see for keen photographers.

After takeoff in Reykjavik we fly along Mt Esja towards Thingvellir,  the site of the world´s first democratic parliament, established by the vikings in 930, right at the tectonic rift which is gradually tearing Iceland apart. Literally inch by inch every year.  From there we head to Geysir, the original hot-water spout after which all other geysers are named. After hopefully seeing the 800 year old Geysir gush hot water up in the air, we fly east to Gullfoss, one of the most powerful waterfalls in the country.  Homeward bound for Reykjavik, we explore the magnificent Botnsulur mountains and Icelands tallest waterfall, Glymur.


Further west, we see Reykjavik emerge and start our descent into the country´s capital airport.

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