Airplane Fleet

Airplanes perfect for sightseeing and photography

Circle Air´s brand new Airvans provide superior comfort and visibility to passengers ensuring their best unique experience in Iceland. In addition to our Airvans comfort, their rugged performance and reliability are what we want our passengers to experience in any conditions.

Each plane has seven leather passenger seats, large windows and a noise-canceling headset for your comfort. 

One of our airplanes has a specific photo-window, to fit the lens outside without opening the door entirely making it perfect for airplane tours and photography flights and filming. 

The excellent slow flying qualities of the Airvans make them a steady platform for the professional photographer or for a film crew. 

Circle Air´s airplanes and helicopters are therefor ideal for filming or areal landscape photography. 


Charter flights - Transfers -  Parachuting

Do you need more space for your cargo, freight, bike or parachute partners? - No worries, we can easily remove seats to meet your requirements. The possibilities of our airplane tours are quite infinite.  

Send us an e-mail,  or call  +354 588 4000 and we will make your Arctic journey a life-changing experience.




For longer hauls 

Let us arrange longer hauls such as to Greenland, the Faroe Island or to other parts of Europe where we can transport a group up to 9 people. 

The King Air B200 two motored airplane is widely recognized as one of the most reliable airplanes in production today.  This airplane is ideal for your private tour whether it is to fly from our base in northern Iceland, Akureyri airport, or Reykjavik airport.

Or for the more adventures ones who´d like to visit Greenland and explore that magnificent landscape our neighbors have to offer.

In addition, we can provide transport for up to 17 people for a single trip in our partner´s Twin Otters.   

Send us an e-mail,  or call  +354 588 4000 and we will make your Icelandic journey a life-changing experience.