Airplane Fleet

Our brand new Airvans provide superior comfort and visibility to  passengers, in addition to their rugged performance and reliability.   Each plane has seven leather passenger seats, large windows and a quiet headset.   The seats can be easily removed for increased room and cargo capacity, eg biking parties, parachuters and freight.  The possibilities are quite infinite.  

The GippsAero GA8 Airvan is an Australian designed and manufactured utility aircraft specifically engineered to meet the latest international safety standards as well as the demands of remote operations from unimproved strips. No other aircraft in its class measures up to the stringent safety, design and airworthiness requirements to which the Airvan is certified.

Its load carrying capacity and its flight handling characteristics put it in a class of its own.







 For longer hauls, Greenland, the Faroes or Europe,  have your trip for up to 9 people arranged by us.  The icebergs of Greenland are a mere 520 km away due north, or 1.5 hours flight away.  
The King Air B200 is widely recognised as one of the most reliable airplanes in production today.  
In addition, we can provide transport for up to 19 people for a single trip in our partner´s Twin Otters.