Askja Highland Ultimate Air Tour

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The Icelandic highlands and volcano tour.

The Askja Highland Ultimate Air tour is a great way to admire the beautiful Icelandic Highland. The scenic flight is very comfortable and includes a landing in the famous Herðubreiðarlindir oasis for a short and refreshing highland break. 

The Herdubreidarlindir runway was laid down in the 1960s by NASA to bring provisions and equipment to the Apollo astronauts, who trained for the moon landings in the area. The geology of the Icelandic highland is the nearest one can get to moonscape conditions on Earth.

On this airplane tour, we fly over the magnificent Godafoss Waterfall, which means The Waterfall of the gods, while flying towards the highlands. Our highland experience will begin by seeing the magnificent highland queen, Mount Herdubreid which is a must see in Iceland. As we fly towards the Askja Caldera you will be truly amazed by the beauty of the Icelandic highland. After exploring the hot springs of Askja we take a little glacier tour and turn towards the north side of Vatnajokull glacier, to Kverkfjöll, the currently active volcanic site.    

On the homeward journey towards Akureyri, sit back and take in the view of Odadahraun, the vast lava desert, and Holuhraun, the most recent lava in Iceland. Remember to take photos as your friends and family will not believe what you just witnessed. An unforgettable experience.

This airplane tour is the perfect way to experience Iceland like a true adventurist. An Extreme Iceland adventure to be more precise.

When you are back to Akureyri Airport we´ll gladly help you out regarding some Things to do in Akureyri. Or at least point you in the right direction.

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