Arctic Circle Express Air Tour

Akureyri departures

The Arctic Circle Express Air tour takes you across the Arctic Circle in Grímsey Island. The scenic flight departs from Akureyri airport and we land in Grímsey Island around 30 minutes later. We stay for about two hours on the Island exploring the wildlife, tasting Icelandic cuisine and crossing the Arctic Circle on foot.

The flight to Grímsey offers beautiful scenery. During the flight north towards the Arctic Circle there is a good chance of whale watching and in addition, you will get a great view of the spectacular Tröllaskagi Peninsula while exiting Eyjafjordur. 

Experience the natural habitat of puffins and one of the last remaining true Icelandic fishing village. 

After crossing the Arctic Circle you will receive your very own "Arctic Circle Crossing" certificate right before feasting on a sample of traditional Icelandic cuisine. It is served by local villagers and timed just before heading back to Akureyri.

Departure times can be flexible and due to the geographical location of the island, being at the Arctic Circle, the weather situation can change fast. For safety reasons, we require good conditions the whole way. 

On the last leg of our airplane tour we fly into Eyjafjordur where we slowly start descending and who knows, maybe we get another chance of whale watching on the approach to Akureyri Airport.

Yet again, crossing the Arctic Circle is a unique experience and therefore we´ll provide you with a signed certificate proving that you have crossed the one and only Arctic Circle. 

This tour is on offer as a private tour only and has a very limited availability, due to conditions to get to and from the island.  Safety is paramount, and thus we do not venture out unless conditions are favourable.

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